Direct observation of the influence of cardiolipin and antibiotics on lipid II binding to MurJ
Transplantation of wild-type mouse hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells ameliorates deficits in a mouse model of Friedreich's ataxia
A general method to fine-tune fluorophores for live-cell and in vivo imaging
Wireless Optofluidic Systems for Programmable In Vivo Pharmacology and Optogenetics
Neural circuits. Labeling of active neural circuits in vivo with designed calcium integrators
Submission for 10th anniversary issue of Nature Chemical Biology
A comparative encyclopedia of DNA elements in the mouse genome
Nicotinic Cholinergic Receptors in VTA Glutamate Neurons Modulate Excitatory Transmission
Photoactivatable drugs for nicotinic optopharmacology
Reversible Mn2+/Mn4+ double redox in lithium-excess cathode materials
Membrane association of monotopic phosphoglycosyl transferase underpins function
Discovery of a class of endogenous mammalian lipids with anti-diabetic and anti-inflammatory effects
Paneth Cell Multipotency Induced by Notch Activation following Injury
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