I miss you, Command Z

I have never missed a deadline, but one of my clients has been very patient with me. He's used to it though, he's my Dad. About four years ago, I painted a landscape that he requested, but it was so large I had to check it when I flew home with it. That was the last I saw of that painting. I had very little motivation to do it again after the airline lost it, but Dad and I agreed on a barter about a year ago. He built a bookshelf that I requested (see awesome equation bookshelf below).

In return, I am repeating my original project.  Not to be foiled again, I am painting 5 (maybe 6) small paintings that I can ship easily or carry on the plane in one or two bundles.  Doing it this way opened up a possibility that I actually like better - the paintings comprise a panorama of the landscape, but each represents a different season and/or different time of the day.

I was glad to find some time recently to work on these, though it's been a while since I've picked up a paintbrush and I'm remembering how much harder it is to work without the ability to "undo" whenever I want. Oh, Command Z, how I've taken you for granted.