Scenes from NYC

Just came back from a great long weekend in New York (Long Island and the city), and sadly, as usual, forgot to take photos. But I did discover a new place for sketching people. Aside from the jerkiness of the ride, and thus the sketch, the subway is great for catching people engrossed in a book, their own thoughts, or a sketchbook of their own (from left to right, respectively). The last panel is a minor highlight of the trip. While in The Strand bookstore, I came across this signed copy of the first novel by one of my favorite writers. I read it about 10 years ago, and lost my copy of it in a move about 6 years ago. Shteyngart lives in NYC and had signed some of his books for The Strand, a stroke of luck for me which at first seemed second only to stumbling on an actual book signing. On further consideration, I realized that this was actually better, since I'm not now obsessing about some stupid thing I would have certainly said to him.

Now that I'm back to work, I'm excited about a couple of new projects: illustrating a training booklet for general chemistry teaching assistants at MIT, and illustrating a systems biology textbook. More on those soon!