Free Paintings

It's almost moving day, and I need to let go of some old paintings. I'm finally ready to admit to myself that I'm never going to do anything with them, and they don't need to sit in a box at the back of another closet for another 5 years. So here is where I'll say farewell to them, and if anyone wants them, they are up for grabs. Otherwise they'll be tossed by the weekend. For the first two, which are self portraits, I had big plans of selling them to restaurants or bars to be used on their ladies' room doors.  The problem is that I never got around to pairing them with counterparts for men's rooms. I tried to get my male friends to take photos along this same theme in men's rooms. and a couple of brave ones did, but the photos didn't really turn out. So, I'm throwing in the towel on this ill-conceived project.

Finally, I have no idea where the inspiration from this painting came from. I don't even do abstract art. It just sort of happened shortly after I moved to San Diego.

All of these are 18x24-in (estimated - the tape measure is packed) oil paintings on treated foam board, so shipping wouldn't put you out much if you'd like to make one of them yours!