A quick Saturday afternoon animation

methylationanimationv3 from Mary O'Reilly on Vimeo.

This was a fun project made very easy by the fact the client had already picked out the colors and shapes. I just had to draw them and make them boogie. Her lab recently published a paper on the structure of a protein complex that undergoes some fancy gymnastics to perform methylation chemistry, and she just wanted something fun to show at the end of talks. Of course the structures themselves are much more beautiful, but the crowd will have gotten a nice eye-full by the end, and this helps to actually see what's going on. While I worked on this, our own little gymnast was keeping the husband on his toes. I guess I always knew that babies are strong and fearless, but I had no idea that they are so lightning fast too. It's a portentous trifecta and we're just trying to keep up.