Here's another design that I just found out made a journal cover. It's about a chemical linker that brings together two building blocks using two different types of well-established chemistries. The client started with the idea of a picture of the two scientists credited with these strategies holding hands, but didn't want them to necessarily be recognizable as themselves. So first I had the idea of the somewhat cliché silhouette of two people walking on a beach at sunset, both holding hands with a very small child between them. The child would represent the linker but also the "brainchild" of these two scientists. What it evolved to is below. The clients suggested using t-shirts that somehow advertise the names of the scientists, so then I thought, why not soccer jerseys. Then the numbers could represent the order of the steps in the synthetic scheme. Now, I won't lie. I knew this idea would kill. My clients are German. Was I pandering? Maybe. I even considered referring to them as football jerseys but realized that they would probably just be confused as to which sport I was referring to. Anyway, it did kill, and it no longer made any sense at all to have a child between them, hence the trophy. I was instructed on the colors of the jerseys as they are relevant to recent happenings in the German soccer world. And the "immobilization" of blades of grass highlights one of the applications of the linker. I'll give more details about where this is once the paper comes out.