Back to basics

Over the past week I created two images for a new client who is applying for academic jobs this fall. 'Tis the season! The illustrations are for his original research proposals, and though I didn't have to sign a CDA, he doesn't really want the ideas getting out there. It of course flattered me that he thought that my readership is such that this might be a concern, but you just never know. So I'll hold off on posting them anywhere until he deems it safe and I'll share a couple of drawings I did over the past week instead. 

No matter where I am in my career I will always periodically go back and tune up my drawing skills. Over the past few years my nights have been consumed with preparing chemistry lectures and grading never ending piles of exams and quizzes. Now that I have my nights back again I've been stepping away from the computer more and more. I just learned this method of sharpening charcoal pencils with a razor blade from Jeffrey Watts of Watts Atelier in San Diego. It is an art form unto itself and if you look closely you'll see my technique still leaves a lot to be desired. But I was inspired to give it a try and so I grabbed a few nice geometrical objects from around the house to draw. I stole some toys from my son and dug up this old mannequin, then settled into the garage (which ironically has the best lighting) with a podcast and a couple of albums from The Walkmen. Now that football is back I don't think that I was too terribly missed. And it's nice to be getting my hands dirty again.