Which hiker are you?


I am definitely the one with the shoe untied and backpack unzipped. The hiking metaphor here is about varying levels of fitness for viral proteins accomplishing the task of protein folding. The fittest don't need any help from chaperones, while some are so unfit they get degraded before they even try folding. The idea for the hiking metaphor came from the first author of this paper, Angela Phillips, from Matthew Shoulders' lab at MIT. This was her original sketch for the concept:


In other news, we managed to have the O'Reilly Science Art holiday party of two this year. After a beer at the Cambridge Brewing Company, which I hadn't been to since I defended my thesis *mumblemumble* years ago, we saw Ladybird at the Kendall Square cinema. Because I am the boss. Or because the only showing of Star Wars The Last Jedi we could see started too late.