Use your words

I now have three consecutive days worth of evidence to suggest that working part-time from home may be seriously damaging my verbal and cognitive skills. I suspected that this might happen, I just didn't expect it to so soon.

Exhibit A. This happened yesterday:

Exhibit B: On Monday, a completely inappropriate response to a statement, like when a TSA agent tells you to have a nice flight and you say, "You too!"

Often times when this happens I like to think that maybe these sorts of gaffes go unnoticed. It wasn't such a big deal, right? Until I have one in front of the husband. Exhibit C (Sunday):

This was followed by a brief pause, and then, maniacal laughter and, ultimately, ridicule. "Tome? haha. Did you say tome instead of time?! hahaha!", etc.  In all fairness, I would have done exactly the same.  It's nice to have the reality check sometimes.