Atomic Romances, Molecular Dances

It's crunch time for the chemistry poetry book, which now has a title (see above). The talented poet behind the book, Mala Radhakrishnan, and I are in the final push to get the book out, so probably most of my posts until December 1st will be poetry illustrations like this one. Here, Pb and PbO2 wait in a car battery for someone to start the car so that they can finally share some electrons. When PbO2 can no longer bear the agony, she devises a plan to create a short circuit. It ends poorly... I'll start posting some excerpts of the poems with the illustrations soon, but for now I have to get back to trying to make it look like Pb is pressing his face against the separator. It is not easy! I tried smooshing my face with my hand in front of the mirror but that was only marginally helpful. Back to the drawing board.