'Zyme 'Zine

Years ago while I was living in Cambridge, MA, a philosophy graduate student at Tufts told me that I should start a magazine about enzymes. “You could call it The ‘Zyme ‘Zine.” he said. He had an enormous handlebar moustache and his name was Gabriel Love, which made me think I should hear him out. I was reminded of the ‘zyme ‘zine idea while reading “Art of McSweeney’s”, a wonderful Christmas gift from my brother-in-law and sister-in-law.  But I was too busy to start a magazine then, and I’m too busy now.  I wish someone would do it though. It could be dedicated to the wonder of those amazing proteinaceous catalysts. I’ll volunteer to do the cover designs (see mock-up above), and I could submit a story about the enzyme that got me a Ph.D. – a glycosyltransferase with the unlikely habit of transferring two mannose residues with distinct linkage specificity.  McEnzyme's is not just a play on McSweeney's. McEnzyme is actually the name of a dog that belongs to a brilliant and famous enzymologist who recently asked me, “So this is what you’re doing with your life?”