4th-6th grade clients prove most challenging

As an update to the sketch I posted on April 17th, here is the result of today's efforts to digitize and make some progress on this project for the Ocean Discovery Institute. It will be a 24x36-in poster that will be taken into 4th-6th grade classes as a visual aid to explain how our everyday use of electricity is linked to release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. It needs to be simple and clear, but convey a lot of information. I spent the better part of the afternoon on this, and was disappointed by how little I got done.  As the Santa Ana winds blow in hot air and malaise* over southern California, I must not be the only one struggling to get work done, but we are the last ones allowed to complain about the weather.

*Interesting finding today: Santa Ana winds set a particular fungus to sail on the winds, which can lead to flu-like symptoms or worse if it really takes hold in a person. It has also been suggested to be associated with the "weird" feelings that people report having during the Santa Ana winds. Sure, why not.