Misperceptions in the absense of feedback

This cartoon was done for the HHMI-funded training program I talked about on July 13 and 18. The scenario depicted was inspired by actual events described to the PI on the grant by a female student. She felt that she got zero feedback from her advisor, as opposed to her male colleagues, which led her to think that he didn't even care enough about her or her project to be angry at her. More likely, he wanted data from the male student for a particular reason, but when no feedback is given, imaginations are given free reign to fill in the gaps. The training is about giving feedback, but giving it wisely, and not just to certain students. As a side note, it has obviously been awhile since I ran a column. Now that I think about it, I doubt she would have collected that many fractions in only 15 minutes without pushing air through the column. As fueled as she is by disappointment and resentment, these forces cannot contend with gravity. I may need to edit this a bit.