Girl with Bowler Hat & the North County Coastal Businessman

In an effort to ward off cabin fever, I've taken my work out of the house a couple of times this week. The work I've been doing over the past few days isn't really worth showing yet, so instead I'll show you what I did during my breaks. Because one of my current projects involves illustrating humans, it's a good time to get some fresh practice drawing people. From my perch next to the window inside a cafe, I had a great view of people sitting outside. The hardest part of doing sketches like these is the hands. Not only are hands notoriously hard to draw, they are the parts that we seem to most often move, even when we're sitting still. So cut me a little slack on the weird looking hands, they are partially drawn from memory. And lest there be any misinterpretation, that is a pen in the man's hand. The young lady is texting, I believe.