A 5-second trailer

antibioticresistancedraft1 from Mary O'Reilly on Vimeo.

Here is a preview of an animation I'm working on for the HHMI-MIT video series that I've been involved in for the past year or so. There'll be three animations for this particular video, and this first animation is meant to show how even though humans are smart and can design potent antibiotics, the bugs outsmart us and develop resistance. I still need to wipe out the rest of the colony and then re-populate it starting with division of the antibiotic-resistant cell. I should say that the mechanism of resistance is a tad more complicated than the bacterium breaking the arrow over its proverbial knee, but I would need at least one more full animation to do it justice, and that's not really what the video is about. Stay tuned to find out what that is.