Four stages of tumor progression, updated again

Here's the latest on the project I posted about on May 15th and April 24th. There's been a bit of a change in course since the clients decided that instead of their original idea of having the illustration stretch across a fold-out page, they want four separate images. What's nice is that it makes the problem of scale much simpler. Each image has its own frame of reference. What is not nice is that in stage 2 (upper right) the image looks not so much like uncontrolled cell growth as it does like a small turtle has gotten loose in this scene of normal, healthy cells. But that can (and will) be fixed. I only had a few days to turn around these new sketches, so the wily turtle made it through this round, but his days are numbered. He will slowly inch his way out of the picture as I find a better way to represent a ball of tumor cells.