Four stages of cancer growth, updated and with color

Stage 1: Something goes wrong in a cell

Stage 2: Cancer cell growth spins out of control

Stage 3: Tumors metastasize

Stage 4: Cancer cells refuse to die

So if I post four images at a time, it's okay if I only post every two weeks...  right? These images are for a brochure being put out by a non-profit medical research institute. What's great about this brochure is that a design firm is taking the images and laying them into the brochure, and through the magic of graphic design, making them look way cooler than they appear here.  The color scheme is one that they use throughout the brochure to represent the four stages. I had to find a way to incorporate these four different colors while making sure it remains clear which are the cancer cells and which are the normal cells. So I decided to use the colors as the "glow" around the cells gone awry (aka the cancer cells). Which means that as much as I like having the yellow glow around the apoptotic (dying) cells, it has since occurred to me that it has to go. C'est la vie.