Look for me at the ACS Meeting

I will be in attendance next week at the ACS meeting in San Diego, mostly in the CARB, ORGN, and BIOL sessions, roughly in that order. I thought I'd take advantage of the meeting being local to see some talks, catch up with friends and clients, and maybe even try my hand at visual scribing, which is apparently a thing now. What I've seen of it so far looks pretty intense, but I do love the idea of illustrating talks on the spot. Sort of a mobile The Short Answer. A lot of companies are hiring illustrators to come to their meetings and doodle this sort of visual summary, or note-taking of the key points. 

I don't really have an image to go with this post, as I have not visually scribed, or scribben, anything yet. Instead here is a completely irrelevant and gratuitous image that I made as candidate cover art for Cell last year. It's about a device that is implanted into mouse heads that can deliver liquids and light to the brain simultaneously by remote control.