Seven-day cross-country catch-up: Day 6

Today we arrived in Boston. Ever since I left here 11 years ago I've missed it terribly, so when the hubs joined a small start-up that would ultimately lead us here, it was a dream come true. Before the move I borrowed "Make Way for Ducklings" from the library to read to the boys. As the moving truck was getting unloaded and I led the ducklings from Indiana today I thought of Mr. Mallard frantically getting the boys' rooms ready for them. The boys did not follow after me in a neat line, and no policeman helped me, but we survived. And they were very excited about their rooms.

While I'm feeling wistful I'll share this cover that I made for the Bundle lab, which is possibly the last one after years of making covers for them, as I'm losing this venerated client to a well deserved retirement. I felt a little better when I learned that my former lab-mate and current friend will be taking over the lab space in the fall to start his independent career.

Here is the paper the cover highlights:

Synthetic glycoconjugates characterize the fine specificity of Brucella A and M monoclonal antibodies.

Mandal SS, Ganesh NVSadowska JMBundle DR.

Org Biomol Chem. 2017 May 10;15(18):3874-3883. doi: 10.1039/c7ob00445a.