After 2 years of Short Answers for my own amusement, a real comics commission

As I mentioned in my May 6th post, I was commissioned by the publisher Taylor & Francis to contribute to their cartoon abstracts project. The comics I made are all online now so I can share with you the three I did. For the most part I was provided with the text, but I still found myself doing tons of research to figure out what to draw. I made all of these on my new iPad Pro with Apple pencil using the suggestively named software known as Procreate. (It should go without saying that no one is paying me for mentioning any of this.) Anyway, it was nice to be untethered from my desktop behemoth for a while to do these but now I'm back in the office with a series of new projects, all of which are figures for publication. I am wondering whether this has any correlation to the recent article in Nature Careers (HERE) that extolled the virtues of hiring a professional for one's scientific figures and used examples of several science illustrators, including myself. If so, thanks Nature! 

If you want to see more cartoon abstracts, presumably done by artists with much more cartooning experience than me, you can find them all HERE.